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Reservations and Sales

~Reservations and Deposits~

Our 2023 goat kids will be "hybrid" kids. This means they will be separated from their dams at night, given one bottle of goat's milk in the morning, then returned to their dam for the rest of the day. This method keeps our kids extremely people-oriented and friendly, while still allowing us the freedom of only milking our does once a day. We also feel that the dams do a great job of teaching the kids manners. Our hybrid kids are our favorite because they tend to be less bitey than our purely bottle raised kids. We will be offering some kids as bottle kids that will be able to leave at 4 weeks of age to experienced bottle homes. All kids are raised on coccidia prevention and we offer a CDT if the kid is over 8 weeks old. Our goats are registered through the American Diary Goat Association, but we often have pet wethers available that will not be registered.

Reservations are free to make. We will contact you when the doe you have reserved a kid from freshens and a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the kid price will be due within 5 days.

 We reserve the right to keep any animal born on our property. Sometimes freak accidents or illness occurs that potentially effects reservations. If your reservation cannot be filled due to illness or death of your kid, or we choose to retain it, your deposit will be refunded. You will also have the option to move it to a different breeding with an open reservation. All does and bucks sold will come with complete ADGA registration (not an application). As of 2024, buck DNA filing will be included in the price of the buck kids and will be done once the deposit on them is received.

We also reserve the right to refuse a sale of any kid, if we feel that the potential home is not the right fit for one of our animals. If this happens, any deposits will be immediately refunded.

Bottle kids must be picked up at 4 weeks of age, unless otherwise agreed upon. If you would like us to keep and bottle-feed until your kid is 8 weeks old, we require payment for the kid in full by 4 weeks of age, and an additional weekly fee to cover board for that kid. 


Hybrid-raised kids must be picked up at 8 weeks old, unless otherwise agreed upon. We highly recommend that kids continue to receive 1 bottle a day until they are at least 12 weeks old.  This practice gives the kids extra nutrition during the stressful time of rehoming, and fosters a stronger bond with their new owner.

Buyer is financially responsible for health certificates, veterinary exams, health testing, shipping, and any other costs associated with veterinary fees and shipment.

To place a reservation on a particular breeding, please contact us through the "Contact Us" page, or through private message on our facebook page:

Preference will be given to performance herds.

~Kid Health~

We go to great lengths to keep our herd healthy and free of disease. When possible, we choose to use natural and herbal methods to support our goat's health and as parasite prevention. However, there are some instances where conventional care practices are required, and we will not compromise the health of our animals in the name of being "natural" or "organic."

Our herd is tested for CAE annually and periodically tested for Johnes. We can blood test for CL at buyer's request, but do not test for CL routinely because the test is inaccurate and our herd has never presented with abscesses of any kind. All of our goats have always tested negative for these diseases and have never exhibited symptoms associated with those diseases.

All of our kids come disbudded and raised on coccidia prevention. They are also dewormed prior to leaving for their new homes. If you would like your kid to have horns, payment for the kid must be received in full by the time the kid is 5 days old. Horned kids must be picked up by 4 weeks of age.

We cannot guarantee and cannot be held responsible for the health of any animal once it leaves our farm. If your goat becomes ill, please contact me and seek veterinary care. I will try to offer care advice to the best of my ability, but I am not a veterinarian and cannot diagnose or treat your animal. 

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